an exhibition
Sunday, January 28 – Thursday, February 1, 2018
19 Monroe Street, New York


a publication
(Song Cycle no. 1, 2018)
essay by Nick Irvin
10 ¼ × 6 ¾ inches, 8 pages, b&w

accompanied by

“Angriest Dog Anthology: Cheval Noir, 1991-1993,” 2016
10 × 5 7/8 inches, 20 pages, b&w

*out of print

“The dog who is
so angry he
cannot move.
He cannot eat.
He cannot sleep.
He can just
barely growl.

…Bound so
tightly with
tension and
anger, he
approaches the
state of
rigor mortis.”

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table (top to bottom, left to right):

The Angriest Dog in the World, Song Cycle no. 1
& Angriest Dog Anthology: Cheval Noir, 1991-1993

Los Angeles Reader, August 19, 1988
“Tomorrow is another day.”

Los Angeles Reader, September 23, 1988
“Today is today and tomorrow is not today.”

Los Angeles Reader, October 13, 1989
“A mirror is a highly reflective surface.”

Cheval Noir, issues 20-38, 1991-1993
published by Dark Horse Comics
2 strips per issue, 38 strips total (including repeats)

“Angriest Dog Anthology: Cheval Noir, 1991-1993”
35mm slide projection loop
38 strips (including repeats)

installation view

clipping from Cheval Noir, Issue 25, December 1991
“People are dying living here.”